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No matter you are a woodworking master or just an enthusiast taking your first tool to repair or build a piece of furniture this section of our site will be of great use for you. Lessons and guides section contains the greatest collection of step by step guidelines and “how to” articles to help you get your work fats and easy.

We try hard to cover every aspect of woodworking from simple mending to complete restoration, from light household tasks to major renovations in the house and yard. You will find thousands of simple solutions of how to clamp boards effectively, how to use tapered and curved laminations in decorating of your house and renovation of the furniture, how to construct a portable book rack of your dream and many others.

This section is your housekeeping encyclopedia of knowledge and practical woodworking experience. This section is a starting point in your woodworking to learn how to repair different types of furniture and wooden units, how to build wooden furniture and how to apply wood in restoration of your house and yard. These tips will be of great use as for pro woodworkers so for housekeepers craving for ultimate comfort, coziness and security! The guidelines are written in a simple narrative style and most of them are taken from real life experience of our masters.

Every method described here is tried and tested, most of the tips are take from real life experience so you can be sure of their efficiency and “usability”.

From tis section you will learn ow to process different types of materials, which tools are the most appropriate for various material types, how to securely fix, clamp, glue materials to each other and many other secrets and tips which will make your woodworking real joy. This section gets constantly updated and added with essential guidelines, tips and lessons for every worker.

Quick Tips

Quick tips is one of the most essential sections of our site which offers you a quick guide through the most complicated woodworking tasks. From this section you will learn how to make cuts and dovetails in 5 minutes, which tools to use to get the work done in one moment, how to use different wood processing tools with safety and security.

The tips are provided in convenient formats for faster navigation trough the section. The tips on methods of work will give you instructions on how to work with this or that sort of wood. The format of questions and answers accumulates the most frequently asked questions as of professional woodworkers so of wood working enthusiasts and beginners. We invite experienced masters to give tips taken not from encyclopedias but from real life experience that makes these tips even more valuable. As many of you know that something that works in theory will never work in real practice.

This section of tips will learn you how to cope with the most embarrassing woodworking tasks wit real pleasure. With our quick tips woodworking will be as easy as ABC for you.

Another essential benefit of quick tips is that you do not need much time to get the information as every post is given as a set of facts, explanations and step by step instructions.
From this section you will learn the most essential life hacks that will make your wood working experience a real fun.

The Quick tips section gets regularly updated and added with the vital hacks for you. Tips on methods of work will be of great use for you when starting to work with a new sort of wood or a new material. Constructing wooden units for household means, wooden furniture, repairing furniture and tools will be simple and easy. Our experts gladly share their experience with you. Check the section for updates!


Wooden cabinets are the most viable option for your house. These are easily kept and maintained, extremely resistant to many unfavorable factors of household and highly durable. Moreover wooden cabinets are easily repaired and renovated. When you buy cabinets you can rely only upon the brand name and promised quality.

However, if you build a cabinet on your own you can be sure that you get the best option you can ever have. These are quite enough of reasons to take some tools, to buy some wood and to open the section of cabinets of our site. This section is a complete guide for a wood master on how to construct cabinets for any purpose whatsoever, how to repair cabinets made of various sorts of woods, how to maintain the furniture and so on.

Our experts will give you clear step by step instructions on how to build different cabinets for your house. You will learn how to build drawing dressers, dream cabinets for your kitchen, bookcases, spice boxes and many other cabinets for your household.

Each post will clearly show you how to complete the task successfully. The process of building of the cabinets is added with pictures which will simplify the comprehension of the action and process. Each post will tell you which tools you will need for this or that task. You will get tips on the materials which are better to choose for a type of cabinet you are going to build.

These tips are rather applicable to other domains of household. You will learn how to build consoles for home theaters, low bench boxes for tools. Switching on your creative mind you will be able to apply the knowledge which you will get from these posts to building charming boxes for toys for your kids or to equipping convenient wooden beauty boxes for you wife!


Wooden tables are solid and durable. They look stylish and fit into the any interior and style you can only get in your house. Tables made of high quality hardwoods are costly affair. You can sufficiently save costs if you build a wooden table by yourself. If you lack necessary skills then this section of our wood working site will be of great help for you.

This section contains complete selection of articles on how to build a table of wood. You will find all necessary information on materials, tools and methods. The Table section presents articles on how to make the tables more usable by adding shelves and drawers.

Also in this section you will find essential tips on how to build computer armoires and coffee tables. We have also a complete guide on table designs which will be of great help when you will plan your future table.

Moreover our site offers you simple designs and constructions of attachable tables and side tables with twists. We will tell you how to make the strongest joints and the most stable table legs. You will find tips on sorts of woods, joints, glues and other component parts for you wood working.

Tis section will help you to save costs on materials and tools giving the most cost effective solutions ever. All the tips, guides and instructions on table building in this section are simple to implement and follow. The simple narrative style will make the comprehension of the information even easier. Every post is added with high quality pictures demonstrating how to join parts, how to apply tools and describe the complete scheme of building a necessary table.

The Table section will be regularly updated and added with interesting posts which will help you to realize the boldest ideas into life.


There will never be enough of chairs. A chair is not a piece of furniture. It is a piece of comfort. Chairs can be multi-functional in household serving as stays for flowers so as small tables in the limited room space. This site section explains how to build a chair from wood.

However not only chairs are described in this section. You will find great ideas of garden benches, prairie settles and dining chairs. We do strongly recommend to start your chair building education from getting the basics of chair construction. You will find a complete guide on how to build a chair from wood, which sorts of wood are the most appropriate for a desired type of chair and what tools you will need to bring your idea into life.

The posts on chair building will help you to understand how to better fix the parts of chairs and which materials to use to increase a life of a chair made from wood.

Every post contains pictures illustrating the process step by step. You will get the instructions on how to properly measure and cut the wood to make your chair solid and reliable.

Building a chair on your own is much simple and much more engaging than choosing a piece of furniture from a catalog from thousands of styles, forms and colors and still getting a conventional chair which you can see at any typical house. When building a chair on your own you will always get a unique result as every next chair will be unlike all others. It will be unique. And this section of our site is aimed to assist you to build high quality hairs made of the best wood.

Check the section for the updates and you will find unique designs, great ideas and simple tips on how to easily build a good chair! All the tips given in this section are tried and tested! Be sure, you will easily realize any of the ideas into life!


Whether wood working is your business or hobby we are glad to assist you in all aspects of building furniture from wood. Apart from wood processing tips and guidelines we offer you a great section of bed building. You can start with our key post of bed anatomy in which you will find basic information on bed construction which is invariable regardless of bed design. This post will give you a better understanding of bed construction and will show you those parts which you have surely overlooked or even have not noticed.

Our posts in this section will explain you how to add new twists to your bed, how to repair or fix some elements of bed construction or how to build a new bed on your own. Every post will give you a good clear narration from which you will easily understand how to make a solid and stable, how to join the parts and how to measure and cut the materials. Another part of every post is detailed pictures which will show you how to do every step.

We will give you recommendations on what sort of wood to choose, what tools to apply to build a bed easier. Our tips will also be of great use when you will need to repair any factory made bed. All of the tips given in this section are tried on practice and proved to be effective.

We do not post any schemes or guidelines which are questionable and disputable. Our main goal is to give you simple and clear tips on how to build a bed on your own even if you lac skills and experience of wood working.

Check the best tips and guidelines approved by highly skilled wood workers. Within every post you will get step by step instructions on how to build a bed, how to process wood and how to make the best use of wood at hand. We will constantly add the best designs and tips of bed constructing. Follow this section for updates and you will find the best ideas of making beds from wood, the best tips on building and the most curious life hacks of how to simplify the tasks!